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    If knowlegde and expierience matters

Planning and implementing IT projects correctly! We do that.

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If knowlegde and expierience matters

Setting up an IT project is not something you just do on the side. Often, large budgets often arise here, which can lead to disasters quickly and badly planned. And then you always need budget figures already when a technical implementation is not yet clear. There are many factors that must be taken into account in a correct configuration. That’s why you benefit from our many years of project history and our extensive experience.

We have a wealth of experience

in the implementation of IT projects

In total, we have over 30 years of experience in the IT project business. We are specialized in the following projects:

  • Removals of complete data centers
  • Migrations and consolidations of IT assets
  • IT relocations/international rollouts of IT environments
  • Start-up, Cutover
  • Decommissioning

Keep on moving!

We are the creators

Project visions

Especially in the project planning phase it is difficult to grasp the whole scope of the project. It is planned to implement an IT project because it pursues a specific goal. But maybe there are other possibilities, dependencies or unforeseen synergies. Especially in projects for digital business transformation, all possibilities are open.

Speak your project ideas with us. Experience the freshness and agility in our vision workshops. In our vision workshops, we treat your project idea individually, paired with the experience of 30 years of IT know-how and project management.

Project consulting

Project consulting and coaching

Our project consultancy helps you to deal individually with topics related to your IT project. Profit from our experiences. We have stumbled over so many stones in the course of our 30 years of IT projects. Spare yourself these experiences and rely on professionals.

We offer project consulting and project coaching for the following topics:

  • All projects around the digital business transformation
  • IT migration projects
  • IT consolidation projects
  • IT moves
  • IT launch/implementation
  • IT Rollout
  • IT decommissioning/deconstruction

Project management


We are also happy to take over the role of project manager. Either as a sub-project manager or as a project leader. In difficult matters, we use only our senior project managers to make your project a success. But junior employees also benefit from our senior experience in the back office.

Put your project in our hands. In many areas, we already have ready-made project plans that only need to be adapted to the current needs of your project. If necessary, we provide complete reporting, create project job descriptions, and work package descriptions. Also a project controlling can be provided by us.

We cover the following topics:

  • All projects around the digital business transformation
  • IT migration projects
  • IT consolidation projects
  • IT moves
  • IT launch/implementation
  • IT Rollout
  • IT decommissioning/deconstruction

Project rescue

Project rescue

Unpleasant situations happen in life. And almost all are annoying. It’s even worse if you have to bury a lot of money for a project and the idea behind the project. Do not let it get that far.

The project rescue we offer as follows:

  1. As a crisis manager, we analyze critical project situations that threaten to tip the project over, de-escalate and re-plan them to then lead them back into the project. We offer our program crisis management in IT projects at attractive daily rates. Our CritSit cloud solutions are available for immediate use.
  2. In selected situations, we also gladly take on the complete project management and bring the project back on the road to success. Such situations are often more painful for all concerned than crisis management.

In a free telephone call or online meeting, we are happy to discuss with you which variant is most appropriate for your current project situation.

The right man for your project!

What we can do for you.

Projects around the digital business transformation

As a project manager, we are drivers of your digital business

IT migration

We migrate your IT

IT Consolidations

We consolidate your IT

IT moves

If you want to change spatially

IT launch/implementation

We swicth your IT on.

IT Rollout

We bring your IT in the area

IT decommissioning/deconstruction

We coordinate the shutdown of your IT or your data center

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