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70% of all IT projects fail. That does not have to be.

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Turning visions into projects!

In IT projects, situations arise again and again that jeopardize the entire project or even exceed the budget of the project. These situations are called critical project situations – in short CritSit.

The causes for a necessary crisis management in a project can have different reasons. We have listed some of them here for you.

  • Lack of IT-technical understanding

  • wrong estimation of the temporal processes

  • wrong interpretation of technical events

  • lack of involvement of the operational team

  • lack of attention to complexity

  • too late or poorly performed analysis of the task

  • wrong or poor scope definition

  • and much more.

Professional solutions for the quick resolution of your crisis



The CritSit®-Cloud:

The CritSit®-Cloud includes three product variants:
• CritSit®-Light for minor imbalances in the project or smaller IT projects
• CritSit®-Cloud: the standard product for your CritSit.
• CritSit®-flex Cloud: the expansion of the standard CritSit® cloud for more flexibility and efficiency.

100% flexible

Optimally tailored to your needs

0 waiting time

Immediately available for quick help

3 addons

For even more customization to your needs

CritSit-Platin and CritSit-Gold

CritSit®-Platin and CritSit®-Gold

The on-site CritSit products have been launched, as sometimes it makes sense to get an idea of the situation on site. Especially then it makes sense, if you can not get on in big IT-projects anymore and depend on efficient resolution of the CritSit.

100% on-site

CritSit®-Gold with additional remote component

5 - 10 days

Lead time

3 addons

Except for the product CritSit®-Gold, as it already contains everything.

We make your project fly.

The original task of the CritSit project manager is to resolve the critical project situation.

Resolution of CritSit:

1. Establish the transparency

Analysis of the current project situation and the presentation of this situation for all relevant project staff and executives.

2. Rescheduling the situation

Rescheduling of tasks including assignment of tasks. If the situation requires an evasive action plan: work out a plan B and reschedule the tasks, including task assignment.

3. De-escalation

For human collaboration nothing is worse than fingerpointing. In the current project situation, this is completely dispensed with. The way to the front is the goal.

4. Establish traceability

Creation of project reports and milestones specially adapted to the CritSit in order to make the situation controllable.

5. Integration

The CritSit project manager is only in the project for the duration of the CritSit. Therefore, the solved situation must be returned to the project.

Your benefits

unprecedented expertise

By the entry from external no relation to already happening in the project

external view

No operational blindness. No political games.

great wealth of experience

by carrying out many projects in similar situations

special training

in crisis and conflict management

no emotions

no emotional connection to the previous project


in dealing with conflict situations and information technology

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