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Digital Business Transformation is profoundly changing our business.

The development of digital business models and the development of digital value added chains intervene deeply in existing corporate and social structures.
There are many factors to consider that usually go far beyond your own company. The basis for a successful digital transformation is an innovative understanding of digital competence and a solid technology structure.

But what does that mean?

Basically, digital transformation describes a path towards a digitized and automated business model. But exactly this way is often very difficult, because there are no patent recipes or generally valid digital ideas. This means something different for every company, every self-employed person and every individual. And this is exactly what makes digital transformation difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement.

That’s why you need a strong partner at your side who has already accompanied companies into their digital business and has many years of experience in the digital world.

All Digital – Digital Business

Whether startup companies, freelancers, architects, lawyers, doctors or small and medium-sized businesses. Digital business transformation concerns us all. And we have to start today to pave the way for tomorrow.

The world is already completely digital. Almost every individual shows it to us and we catch ourselves doing it: quickly compare the prices in the shop. Just book an appointment. Found the company online. Quickly print out a health insurance membership certificate yourself. And what we don’t even think about anymore: Pay-to-go. Behind this are fully automated digital processes.

We are experts in digital transformation

If you want to transform your business to digital, you need a strong and experienced partner at your side who can do it digitally. As computer scientists, the founders have been living in a digital world for many years. With their visions and ideas, they inspire entrepreneurs and users alike. With Knowhere Consulting you have a partner at eye level who supports you in the implementation of your digital projects and ideas.

Every successful digital transformation requires digital building blocks. These are digital competence, digital strategy, digital technology and digital security. We offer you these modules in modular form and advise you profoundly with our experts. And at attractive fees.

More than just a hype!

Digital transformation completely considered

Digital competence

Digital competence

Digital competence

One of the cornerstones of digital business transformation. This is about much more than just the use of digital tools. We distinguish digital competence in two areas.

Technological digital competence:

Here we speak of the knowledge around the operation of digital tools. It’s about:

  • dealing with digital media
  • digital communication
  • the use of digital tools
  • the knowledge of data protection and data security

Mental digital competence:

New work requires new thinking horizons. Breaking through old structures and experiencing new possibilities opens up a new awareness of life. This is about:

  • the virtual collaboration
  • dealing with cultural and social heterogeneity
  • informal and self-determined learning
  • Self-discipline and a balanced work-life balance

Digital strategy

Digitale Strategie

Digital strategy

Probably the hardest part of digital business transformation. It is nothing more than a strategy. But without the knowledge of digital literacy and vision, it’s hard to come up with a digital strategy.

The development of a digital strategy must go through the whole company like a jerk. The topic affects everyone. Starting with the management floor up to the lowest hierarchy level. As a modern, future-oriented company, all business processes are digitally underpinned and automated. And here, more is meant than just marketing in social media. With digital business transformation much more is possible. Automation. Integration. Time efficiency. Cost saving.


Digitale Business Transformation, Digitale Projekte

Digital Technology

Technology. Not the most crucial factor for a successful digital transformation, but it does contribute significantly to its success. This does not just mean the broadband network expansion driven by governments worldwide. This can only be the technological prerequisite for the digital transformation.

However, the basis for a successful digital business transformation is a solid technology base. IT services must be interwoven with the business. Cloud services must be able to interact with each other. Business processes have to be digitally integrated with each other. Secure infrastructure services are the key to success.

Digital security

Digitale Sicherheit

Digital security

Digital security is an absolute must. Especially in times in which digital espionage and sabotage is possible with ease and without the affected persons noticing, it is the first duty of every entrepreneur, whether small entrepreneur or large corporation, to operate secure infrastructure services. Whether they are operated by themselves or by a service provider is irrelevant. The fact is that everyone is responsible for their digitized business processes and their security.

Another important aspect should be reliability.

Implement your digitization strategy with the right partner!

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