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Why you should work for Knowhere Consulting S.L.?

More than just a job.

Knowhere Consulting S.L. is a young company. But with a long experience in the informatics sector. The founders of Knowhere Consulting S.L. have been working in computer science for 30 years. Early on, they realized that information technology could make the boundaries of space and time disappear. Borders exist only in the minds of people. That’s why we at Knowhere Consulting are also looking for people who can overcome the limitations in their minds.

Young and successful company

Founded in 2016



On 01.01.2016, the start signal, Knowhere Consulting S.L. was launched.  The founders started with 30 years of experience in computer science. The aim was to set up a business consultancy in the informatics sector, which is different from other consulting companies in Europe. “We want to change the world positively,” was the statement of Joerg Lott, Managing Director of Knowhere Consulting S.L .. “We want to shake awake, leave retracted pathes and always questioning why we do something.”

All this is not possible with an old company. Knowhere Consulting is young and dynamic, has sufficient flexibility and wants to give its employees the opportunity to be part of the big picture. Not the “here … do …” determines the world of work, but the “shape your life!”. And work is part of life.

Modern and multinational

Working in a complete work-life balance

Knowhere Consulting starts as a european company. “Europe is the greatest gift for all of us europeans,” says Joerg Lott, Managing Director of Knowhere Consulting S.L.. Therefore, Knowhere Consulting wants to be a true european company as well. “We will offer our services throughout europe,” says Joerg Lott. This creates markets and jobs throughout europe. Join Knowhere Consulting. Now!


percent modern!


percent europe!


percent humanely

What are you burning for?

Talent management by Knowhere Consulting.

What are you burning for? At Knowhere Consulting we know that you can do everything and achieve anything you want. As an employer, we require a high degree of self-motivation and self-discipline. Basically, it is good if “one” has the shots. But stupid would be if this “one” would not listen to recommendations and comments from his closest associates. This does not mean that you get a free pass for “Everything is allowed” when you are working for Knowhere Consulting. But that’s not the point and you know that!

Therefore, Knowhere Consulting considers everyone of its employees as the closest employees. Because only together we are strong and can provide the best possible services to our customers. And ultimately that’s exactly what it’s about.

What does that mean for you? We are looking for employees who are good at the job you are looking for. To be good, but not necessarily to have learned in this area. We all know that what we do not like to do is only half-hearted. And that’s why at Knowhere Consulting we focus on one specific question: What are you burning for?

Job offers

Overall in europe

Currently we have the following job offers. If you are interested in working for Knowhere Consulting, then apply, preferably via e-mail. Let your creativity run wild and show us that you suit us.

You want to know more about the background of Knowhere Consulting? What are we dealing with? What do we do? Then do not hesitate to get to know us better.

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