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Consulting with practical relevance

With Knowhere Labs we provide the practical relevance to our consulting services. Because we do not want theoretical constructs but practical solutions that are easy to implement in your environment. We show you solutions that really work and what benefits you get from them. And the highlight: we’ve built all these solutions at least once in our Knowhere Labs and gained experience.

The Knowhere Labs offer a great advantage to our consultants and ultimately to you. Our consultants always have a sufficient practical relevance. Although this does not enable our consultants to actively participate in the administration of system components, they know what they are talking about here. We have the chance to re-enact a real situation in one of our playgrounds and to try out new approaches without destroying something in reality. On the contrary, a failure in our Knowhere Labs can have significant clues to your approach. Knowhere Labs is our test environment for innovative and future-oriented consulting services. Consulting with hands-on mentalities are the result.

Your advantages

practical relevance

No theoretical constructs but practically proven solutions


Gathering of experience through practical doing of our consultants

Something new

The chance to try new ways

Real situations

Consultation in the real world with tests in virtual reality


in the design of best practices


on the pulse of time

Already done

Through Knowhere Labs, we have already carried out your own project

Current projects

Digital company form and their organization

This project is about analyzing what needs to change in an existing enterprise structure as processes are digitized and automated. The expected result is defined as open. In this project, e-recruitment will be tested by exclusively digital workers, a digital onboarding will be tested and, of course, working in a fully digitized environment. And of course, the offboarding of digital employees is part of the task in the project. A big focus is placed on security and privacy. The secure using of  applications and the data streams are technically not sophisticated, but must be considered.

As a result, a comparative study will be drawn up to show a classic business alongside that of a purely digital business form. There are already examples in the world for such companies, which should also be included in the analysis. Particularly noteworthy is the theme of the employees feeling to be an insider, that exists in every company. As a special issue, the establishment of the so-called “floor radio” and the “coffee corner” represent that promote the sense of belonging of physical employees. The question is: how can this be realized with digital workers?

  • 01.06.2018

    Project definition and requirements analysis

  • 18.06.2018

    Hiring the project team

    exclusively from “digital” employees from different cultures


  • 30.07.2018

    Expectation of the first results

  • 31.08.2018

    Project completion with whitepaper

    As a result, a whitepaper on the digital business form is to be created.


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