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Fully digital and yet real

The world is changing. Our lives are changing. Everything is digital.

As a computer scientist, I have a positive view of the trend towards digitisation that has been continuing for years. But I also observe that this is precisely where there are difficulties and inhibitions. Every change is frightening. Worries are spreading: what happens to our jobs? How can we maintain our business in the long term? What are we going to do for a living tomorrow?

But – we all know: Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked. Of course, the increasing digitalization cannot be stopped. We are in the middle of a revolution: the digital revolution.

We must see digitisation as an opportunity. New business models are emerging that would have been unthinkable before. We reach new customers in new markets. We suddenly become global without leaving our own premises. Processes based on information content can be automated. Making money online is an apparent hype. Data becomes the gold of our time.

But this is also one of the dangers of the digital revolution and is fuelling the fear of those who already have difficulties with change. Blockages are spreading. Voices of the Eternal Yesterday become loud. And unfortunately they are all – at least partially – right. And that is precisely why we need to enlighten. Because not everything in digitization is great. But not everything is stupid either. And we need to show how concepts can be implemented sensibly and how our data can be protected. A European data protection regulation sets out only one framework. Incorrect interpretations of these even tend to hinder the development of his digital business.

Digital competence as the model of the future.

An important aspect here is digital competence. By this we mean more than just knowing how to write an e-mail or how to store data in the cloud. After all, digital competence also includes the secure handling of data and a social competence that should not be underestimated, which can suddenly be lived out in a virtual space. We all know how difficult it is to assess one’s counterpart without seeing him and his facial expressions and gestures. But that is exactly what will shape the future. We need to learn to work with people who may live in a different culture and time zone. Global begins in the living room at home.

Companies that are not digital lose the public interest. Today, the young generation in particular is not asking about careers and company pension schemes. Rather, the question arises of a balanced work-life balance. Let’s do a sabbatical. To fly spontaneously to the south for the first time and to do his job on the sun terrace in a relaxed way. Needs don’t really change, they’ve always been there just like that. Only these can be realized with new technical – digital – possibilities. And the younger generation wants to live it out.

In order to avoid becoming the entrepreneurial last resort, it is very important to deal with the topic of digitization. But it has to be holistic. Companies, partners, suppliers, customers, employees and also the state are growing together digitally. There are many countries that have, for example, pushed ahead with the expansion of broadband networks to such an extent that crowds of computer scientists feel like they are in an Eldorado, thus creating new services from which the general public can benefit. Estonia is the most digital country in the world. And even Spain is at the forefront of digital transformation. Bandwidths of up to one gigabit per second are normal in these countries. In Estonia such connections are even guaranteed to every Estonian by the Basic Law.

In the middle of it instead of just doing it.

As you can see, a lot is possible. But the technological basis for this must be right. Here, too, we see a very great need for action. With our experts we make sure that your technological basis is right. With our visions and a sophisticated strategy consulting we help you to be right in the middle of the digital world. But this also includes a good deal of security. We don’t like to talk about IT security today. IT security sounds technically oriented – and that’s exactly what it is. We much prefer to talk about digital security. Digital security also includes process security and people’s awareness of their data security. For this reason, the topic of digital security is an integral part of our consulting services in all aspects of digital transformation.

And it’s not always about making more money. Because it is not always possible to generate more turnover with digitisation. But perhaps it is not necessary at all. Perhaps it is enough to find ways of streamlining and digitizing processes. Savings can be the result. And maybe it’s easier than thinking about new digital business models that don’t work in the end. My father used to say, “Cobbler, stick to your trade.”

So you don’t have to change your core business just because you’re getting digital. All you have to do is learn and understand how to use the tools of digital technology to get the most out of them. Because: a good camera doesn’t take a good picture yet. Only the professional handling of these products produces a good result.

Only the professional handling of tools produces good results.

And that’s exactly why I founded Knowhere Consulting together with my co-partners. As the world’s first fully digitized management consultancy, we offer you consulting services that are affordable for companies of all sizes and colours at an absolutely attractive price. Independent of long-term contracts, we offer flexible consulting units on topics related to digital business transformation.

You have complete control over our work results and work control. With the help of digital tools we offer you possibilities how you can use our services efficiently and time-saving – and also absolutely cost-efficiently. As a sweet I would like to invite you to get to know us in a free conversation. Please feel free to discuss your digital project with us. Challenge us! We look forward to your challenge.

Sincerely yours

Joerg Lott
Director General  de Knowhere Consulting S.L.

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