• Onsite-Consulting

    Direct presence for your project

There are situations in life that you have to clarify personally!

Partnership. Forward-looking.

There are situations in life that need to be discussed in person. Whether disagreement or different technical understanding.

We come to you. Our experienced consultants will discuss your project with you directly on site, assist you in project planning or budgeting, as well as in the implementation of your projects.

We know from experience that the most efficient way to manage a project is to combine both the advantages of Onsite-consulting and Consultancy-as-a-service. In this case we are not away when we are not there.

On-site are gladly carried out: Conversations of the crisis management, Workshops or also Kickoffs in larger projects.

Your advantages

Direct contact

on site


Point the importance of presence


Mood formation and motivation

Direct clarification

by detecting non-verbal statements


Give your project more weight

In Europe. For Europe. And yet worldwide.

Implementation of European and international projects


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